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by Charlotte Burger Blog


Hereford: One of the goals of this blog is to capture the conversations we have about beer and burgers. We were very fortunate to have the opportunity to actually record one of those conversations with my favorite group of beer enthusiasts, the guys from the Craft Beercast.

The Craft Beercast is a fantastic, in-depth, knowledgeable, passionate, opinionated, and sometimes ridiculous podcast about everything related to the craft beer world. It’s recorded here in Charlotte, and I’ve always appreciated how much I learn about beer when I listen to it.

In this episode, we met Josh, Jeff, Mark, & Chris in Winston-Salem at Foothills Brewing to talk burgers and beer, and why they’re a match made in heaven.

I want to thank to those guys for having us on. It was a whirlwind recording session, and I mostly remember Josh signaling to me to speak up every time I talked. I hope I didn’t mumble my way through the recording too much.



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