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Burger Up! Article with Charlotte Happenings

by Charlotte Burger Blog

Charlotte Happenings: Burger Up!

Hereford: The first thing that people always ask me when I tell them that I write for the Charlotte Burger Blog is, “Wait, what?” After I explain that it’s a blog about eating all the hamburgers in Charlotte, the second question they always ask is, “So…what is the best burger?”

Angus: And that’s a tough question to answer! Because although I’ve had hundreds of burgers in this town, there’s so much variety and so much room for personal tastes that I couldn’t possibly narrow that down for someone else.

Hereford: Right, which is why I have a basic speech prepared. It’s essentially a shortened version of our manifesto: it depends on what you like, there are a nearly infinite number of ways to fix a burger, Charlotte has some of everything, and if you tell me what you like I can probably recommend a few places you’ll enjoy.

Angus: And what do they normally say to that?

Hereford: Normally, they say, “No really, where is the best burger?”

Angus: Well, this article from Charlotte Happenings magazine does a great job of surveying the Charlotte burger scene. They consulted with us to help highlight our favorite burger places from a few particular categories, including:

  • Burgers Your Grandparents Could Have Ordered
  • A Marriage of East and West
  • High End Burgers
  • Ground Beef on the Road
  • Midnight Snacks
  • Hangover Cures


  • Beyond the Beef (vegetarian burgers)

Hereford: Note: We had no input on that final category. It’s all meat for us! 1

Angus: We’d like to give a big thanks to Charlotte Happenings for consulting with us for the article. You can check it out here.




  1. Although we’re considering having our own Beyond the Beef segment here!

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