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Creative Loafing’s Best Of Award 2014

by Charlotte Burger Blog




Angus: I want to brag about this, but I’m fairly sure this was a mistake. We won Best Blog, Best Facebook Page, and Best Twitter Account, for Pete’s sake. I’m fairly sure that the same people who awarded us this were on the same committee that gave Obama the Nobel Peace Prize before he ended his first year in office.

Hereford: Yeah, I don’t know what to say. I was ridiculously excited to win this the first time. For the second time, though, I can’t help but feel guilty. We absolutely don’t deserve this.

Angus: I think we tweeted a total of, like, 25 times in 2014. The only explanation for winning best Twitter account is Creative Loafing actually hates Twitter. Actually, I wouldn’t blame them.

Hereford: Maybe they were 25 perfect tweets, just absolute gems.

Still, we got to go to the celebration. It was a ton of fun, just like the year before. Actually, I probably had more fun the year before when we tied for Best Blog with the Food Babe and I had way too many free drinks and started mocking her loudly when she was in earshot.

Angus: Ah, good times.



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