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Creative Loafing’s Best Of Award

by Charlotte Burger Blog

Hereford: Every year the Creative Loafing issues a Best Of Edition, recognizing all of the coolest, hippest, trendiest, and bestiest things in Charlotte. This year, apparently, that includes us.

Angus: Wait, isn’t that every year?

Hereford: Officially, no. That would just be this year. Probably never again. We were lucky enough to be awarded Creative Loafing’s Reader’s Choice for Best Local Blog.

1380140_620514791332604_1003157298_nKetchup and Mustard ties. Genius.

Angus: Well, actually we tied. It seems the people like us just as much as the culinary investigation website, The Food Babe. We were proud to be mentioned alongside her.

Hereford: We were also proud to stand alongside her. She’s hot.

Angus: Yes. Yes she is.

Hereford: We would like to thank everyone who voted and actually reads our blog. Honestly, that always surprises us. We were humbled by the recognition.

Angus: Humbled? Hell no, it made me feel better than everyone else. Eat it, Charlotte Beer. (Just kidding Daniel. You have a much better blog than we do.)

Hereford: No seriously, thanks to everyone, especially The Creative Loafing. We really do appreciate it.

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