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Q&A with Charlotte Magazine

by Charlotte Burger Blog


Hereford: Guess what. It’s National Burger Day. I don’t know who designates such things, but there you have it. You should eat a burger today.

Angus: And if you don’t eat hamburgers (which is crazy), maybe you can read about the guys that do!

Hereford: We sat down with Adam Rhew of Charlotte Magazine for this month’s issue, which focuses on burgers in Charlotte. We talked about everything from our reasons for starting the burger blog to our favorite beers to why waffle fries are The. Perfect. French Fry.

Angus: We had a great time. Thanks to Adam, Charlotte Magazine, and Matt King from Mattie’S Diner.  He went out of his way and opened up the diner on a late Monday night to cook some burgers for us. We have nothing more than the utmost respect for Mattie. Thanks again brother!

Hereford: You can read the article, titled, “Behind the Charlotte Burger Blog” online by going to: http://www.charlottemagazine.com/Charlotte-Magazine/June-2014/Behind-the-Charlotte-Burger-Blog/

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