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JJ’s Red Hots Dog of the Week – The Quarter Hounder

by Charlotte Burger Blog

Hereford: A couple of years ago, we asked the question, “When is a Burger not a Burger?” in an article we wrote for the local NPR station’s food blog, WFAEats. Now we’re partnering with JJ’s Red Hots on East Blvd to delve back into the subject as they feature as their Dog of the Week, the Quarter Hounder, a hot dog inspired by this blog and, of course, hamburgers.

Angus: JJ’s started the Dog of the Week to highlight certain creative dogs that are usually not on their regular menu. It was also about getting the community involved to help promote their product as well as promoting the creator of the dog. They started with the brewers and brewery reps as well as local bloggers such as Daniel Hartis of CharlotteBeer.com. And that’s where we fit in.

Coming up with a burger themed hotdog is harder than it sounds. You want just the right amount of perfect ingredients to convey what you want to create. After taking a Doc Brown approach to solving this we settled on these following ingredients:

  • All Beef Dog
  • House-Cured Bacon
  • Beer Cheese (made from Olde Mecklenburg Copper of course)
  • Shredded Lettuce
  • Diced Tomato
  • Diced Onions

and of course,

  • Special Sauce

Hereford: We stopped by last week to meet with Event & Promotions Director Brandy Newton and Food and Beverage Director Jeremy Guthrie, as well as to build and eat our version of the dog. Trying them out was a ton of fun, and the crew there was great. I would like to take this opportunity to formally apologize for the staff there and the mess I made with my dog. I didn’t take a great angle of attack, and when I bit into it I lost a good portion of the toppings. I caught about 50% of what fell in my hand. The floor caught the other half. Oops.

Angus: I on the other hand kept everything on the bun and it went safely into my mouth. With that being said, it really only takes me two bites to eat a hotdog anyways.

These are amazingly awesome dogs made by an equally amazing crew. The Quarter Hounder will be featured as the Dog of the Week this week from May 6th to May 12th. So make sure to come out to JJ’s Red Hots and try it for yourself. Tell them The Charlotte Burger Blog sent you.


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