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MasterBacon: Bacon Response Unit

by Hereford

When we go out for an official burger review, we usually bring our equipment: tape measure, scale, flux capacitors, etc. But we don’t just stick to our quest to eat every burger in Charlotte when we go out for reviews. Sometimes we want to write a quick review of a burger that we just happened upon. We call these Short Orders.

Location: SouthPark Eats Alternative: 5960 Fairview Rd, 28210

Website: www.masterbacon.com

SouthPark Eats Alternative Website: www.sea-nc.com

masterbacon-5How did you find out about MasterBacon?

I got an email from Tabitha from SouthPark Eats Alternative telling me about it. Food trucks are ridiculously popular right now. Pretty much every day of the week there is a food truck rally somewhere in the city. Tabitha was promoting a new food truck event they are holding every Wednesday during lunch hours in the SouthPark area. Her selling point to me to get me to come by was the burgers they serve at MasterBacon. She said:

This rally is catered towards the business professionals in the area.  I have one truck in particular that will be featuring a burger that might be worth checking out… MasterBacon.

MasterBacon will be showcasing the Bacon Explosion Burger which includes a basket weave of bacon, a layer of black angus beef, a layer of signature smoked gouda spread, a layer of smoked pulled pork belly and some jalapeño slices… rolled all up like a pinwheel and roasted it in the oven.  This is then sliced, placed on a bun, and served with fresh spinach and tomatoes.

I reacted to that email like the wolf in that one cartoon when he sees a pretty woman walk by[ref]I.e., like this.[/ref]. Oh my god, that sounded amazing. Nothing was going to stop me from trying this burger.

What is MasterBacon?

It’s a food truck out based out of Concord that focuses on the candy of meats, bacon. I emailed them and asked them about themselves. Greg Helmandollar, one of the operators, emailed me back. I liked their story, and at the danger of this review becoming all quotes from other people, here’s what they told me:

The truck has been a long project for me and my father-in-law starting back in August last year. . . .  I have been the Executive Chef in and around Charlotte for the last 15 years at Mickey & Mooch, Providence Bistro, and Union Street Bistro.  I always find myself using bacon more and more in my recipes so that is where it started, building a food truck to add a little extra money for our family.

We are officially in our second month of operations and no signs of slowing down. We are still looking for a few more regular places to set up but the 4th Friday and every Saturday we are in Charlotte at Food Truck Friday and Sizzlin Saturdays.

Concord is our base of operations renting the kitchen from the D.A.V. Disabled American Veterans. Our rent goes to help other disabled veterans in our area.  Myself and my father-in-law are both veterans, though we didn’t see combat. In Concord we set up at Papa Robbs Paradise Ice, Lil Roberts Place, Cougar Run Winery and Cardinal Innovations. We don’t try to be crazy with our recipes just offer really good bacon related products.

What is the actual truck like?

Everything about this truck screams AMERICA, and not just because they focus on bacon. They have American flags waving and the pig logo has the insignia of a master sergeant behind him. Actually, it’s not just a food truck, it’s a B.R.U—Bacon Response Unit. If you are suffering from an acute bacon shortage, these are the people you need to find. And, it seems, if you are in such a situation, all you need to do is dial **EAT BACON on your mobile phone.

masterbacon-4How was the Bacon Explosion Burger?

I gave my girlfriend a taste of it and she said it was both “an affront to God” and “a testament to man’s arrogance.” Both of those were compliments

The layers of the burger were fascinating. At first I thought the meat was going to be too overpowering at the expense of the other ingredients, but the flavors became more complex as I worked through it. All these meats came together at different times as I ate. It was like a gorgeous meat buffet, all in a sandwich. The only less-than-glowing thing I can say about it is that the burger part of it is overshadowed by the bacon and the pork belly, but I didn’t care about that at all. It was as much heaven as you could possibly fit into 10,000 calories and between two slices of bread[ref]Note: 10,000 calorie figure is estimated.[/ref].

masterbacon-2Insert angelic choir sound here.

masterbacon-3Does MasterBacon earn the Charlotte Burger Blog Seal of Approval?

I would almost say no, because it wasn’t very burger-like. But screw it. This was fantastic and I want you to try it. So I’ll say yes.



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